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Zero waste house box
  • Zero waste house box

Zero waste house box

Brand : Essence Box

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The ultimate home cleaning kit!

Laundry, dishes, cleaning from floor to ceiling, this box covers most of the needs for your home. It will allow you to make your ecological household products in no time: homemade products to maintain your home. Composed of cleaners made from natural products, with which you can: do your laundry yourself, make a multi-purpose household cleaner yourself, do the dishes but you will also have all the useful accessories to complete the most common tasks. recalcitrant. Zero waste, the products in this box are also refillable, fill them up again and start again! Making cleaning products has never been easier with this DIY kit!

So you can do:

  • Your detergent thanks to the 1L glass bottle containing 50g of ecological detergent
  • Cleaning your surfaces using the spray bottle, multi-purpose tablets and this set of 2 washable cloths
  • Your dishes with the washable sponge and ecological dish soap.

Ecological detergent

To prepare your laundry, nothing could be simpler:

  • Add 1L of hot water to the bottle containing the 50g of washing powder. Add the water in 2 or 3 times and stir each time. The water should not be boiling. Do not fill to the top.
  • Shake for 30 sec. Take a short break, then start again for 20 seconds until the preparation is well blended.

There you go! in a jiffy your laundry is ready! Allow to cool before use.

Once your laundry has cooled, you can, if you wish, add 10 drops of essential oils of your choice (lavender, grapefruit, etc.).

Shake the bottle well before each use.

If you want to know more, go to the product sheet.

Multi-surface cleaning

To prepare your multi-surface spray:

Fill your spray with 75cl of hot tap water. Please do not use boiling water. Place a tablet inside. Wait a few minutes and your product is ready!

You can clean all your surfaces, floors and even your windows. For this, use the washable cloths.

1 cleaning product to clean everything!!!

The smell of this cleaner is very light but it is enough to clean your surfaces. This changes cleaners with an overly aggressive smell!

It is nonetheless effective.

With these 5 tablets, you will have up to 5 months of use.

If you want to know more, go to product sheet.

Ecological tableware

To do your dishes with the ecological solid soap and the washable sponge:

  • Moisten your sponge and solid dish soap
  • Rub your sponge with dish soap
  • Do your dishes as usual
  • Once your dishes are done, let your dish soap dry.

Your dish soap lasts about 3 months (at the rate of 2 average dishes per day).

Essence Box

Essential oils, vegetable oils and clays.

Data sheet

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