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Multi Purpose Cleansing Tablets
  • Multi Purpose Cleansing Tablets
  • Multi Purpose Cleansing Tablets
  • Multi Purpose Cleansing Tablets
  • Multi Purpose Cleansing Tablets

The small + product :

  • +97% ingredients of natural origin.
  • Cleans, degreases, descales and dusts.
  • Certified Ecodetergent
  • Economic
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Multi Purpose Cleansing Tablets

Brand : Another Way

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Multi-use soluble tablets for the household (floor, worktop, kitchen and bathroom)

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Reusable spray bottle 75cl

Another Way

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Zero waste cleaning box

Another Way

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Multi Purpose Cleaning Tablets

Opt for efficient, ecological cleaning while reducing your costs. Designed to reduce the consumption of daily single-use products, these lozenges work wonders! In addition to being 100% ecological and saving you money, they can be used absolutely everywhere: they clean, degrease, descale and dust!

The range consists of:

  • A pack of 5 multi-purpose pine eucalyptus scent tablets for around 5 months of use
  • A pack of 10 eucalyptus pine-scented multi-purpose tablets for approximately 10 months of use



The lozenges are made in France with ingredients of natural origin (>97%):

  • Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid to allow the tablet to melt once in the water
  • Highly effective anionic and non-ionic surfactants against grease and dust
  • A natural preservative to ensure product stability and prevent the development of any bacteria
  • A natural fragrance to leave a fresh and pleasant smell after cleaning



Take an empty bottle or the multi-purpose spray. Fill it with 75cl of hot tap water. Please do not use boiling water. Place a tablet inside. Wait a few minutes and your product is ready!

You will be able to clean all your surfaces, floors and even your windows.

1 cleaning product to clean everything!!!

The smell of this cleaner is very light but it is enough to clean your surfaces. This changes cleaners with an overly aggressive smell!

It is nonetheless effective.



With this spray you can clean all your surfaces from the kitchen to the bathroom. Clean sinks, refrigerators, showers, countertops, toilets, hobs, furniture, etc.

You just have to spray all your surfaces to clean.

For surfaces likely to come into contact with food, rinse after cleaning.

To clean your floors:

  • Fill your bucket with 2.5L of hot water
  • Add one tablet to the water for daily use or 2 for a very dirty surface
  • Wait 10min and it's ready!
  • Mop your floor as usual.

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Storage Tip:

Keep your pastilles well away from air and humidity.


Precautions for use:

Keep out of the reach of children.


My contribution to the planet:

By using these ecological tablets, you avoid buying disposable cleaning products and thus reduce your waste.

Plus, you're using a product that's made with naturally-derived ingredients. You avoid using chemicals that pollute the planet.

Another Way

Ecological and reusable alternatives

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