Set of 2 washable cloths

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Adopt this set of cloths to clean your home.

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Multi-purpose wipes

Set of 2 ecological cloths: 1 green and 1 coral to replace your synthetic microfibers.



These cloths are made in Portugal but designed in Marseille from 100% organic cotton (GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified). They do not release any plastic microparticles when washing.

They absorb up to 1.2 times more than conventional microfiber.

They consist of 2 different faces:

  • 1 side in honeycomb fabric for light scratching
  • 1 side in terry cloth to be able to absorb



Use these wipes to clean all your surfaces. We obviously advise you to use it with the multi-purpose cleaner in tablets, but you can of course use other cleaners (preferably ecological)

No task will resist them.

We advise you to use a cloth to clean and another to dry your clean surfaces.

After use, put your cloths in the washing machine up to 60°C maximum.


My contribution for the planet:

This way you avoid using synthetic microfibers which release micro-particles of plastic when you put them in the washing machine. This therefore impacts the oceans, the fish and of course us...

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