The Bird Feeder Kit
  • The Bird Feeder Kit
  • The Bird Feeder Kit
  • The Bird Feeder Kit
  • The Bird Feeder Kit
  • The Bird Feeder Kit
  • The Bird Feeder Kit

The small + product :

  • original gift
  • Playful
  • Ideal for children from 5 to 10 years old
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The Bird Feeder Kit

Brand : Les petits radis

20,90 €
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Easily assemble wooden pieces to make a cute bird feeder. From 5 years old.

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This kit contains:

  • 3 PEFC-certified wooden planks
  • 1 bag of seeds to feed the birds
  • 2 wooden tabs for further assembly
  • 1 explanatory note
  • 1 worksheet to learn how to make a ball of fat for birds
  • 1 cord to hang the feeder

The Bird Feeder Kit

This bird feeder kit is a great gift for children curious about birds. This kit is 100% made in France, in the Hauts de France and made from PEFC certified wood.

Assembly is easy for children aged 5 to 10. They will be able to make their bird feeder, decorate it to their liking and above all observe the beautiful birds that will come to feed, especially during the winter.

Why install a bird feeder? :

This kit is perfect for carrying out a fun and creative activity with your children. From mounting the feeder to creating the fat ball to feed the birds. They will then be able to observe them when they come to feed in their feeder.

During the winter, it is much more difficult for the birds to find food: the ground is hard and the trees no longer bear fruit. It is important to help our friends the birds to better live this period.

My contribution to the planet:

By purchasing this feeder, you are helping the birds to feed themselves, especially during the winter. In addition, you contribute to the association 1% for the planet which works for a beautiful planet. All the boxes are assembled in an ESAT in the Hauts de France. The cardboard packaging can be reused to store treasures or otherwise throw it in the sorting bin.

A young company from the Hauts de France which offers activities around nature and the environment.

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