Aromatic herbs to sow
  • Aromatic herbs to sow
  • Aromatic herbs to sow
  • Aromatic herbs to sow
  • Aromatic herbs to sow
  • Aromatic herbs to sow
  • Aromatic herbs to sow

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Aromatic herbs to sow

Brand : Radis et Capucine

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A kit of 12 aromatic herbs to sow and cook


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This kit contains:

  • A kraft cardboard box (17 x 12 x 3cm)
  • 12 sachets of seeds (62 x 80mm)
  • A 24-page booklet written by an expert gardener

Aromatic herbs to sow "I grow my 12 aromatic herbs"


With this complete kit of 12 aromatic herb seeds to sow, brighten up your garden with this selection of flowers. A fun and very well explained kit for sowing your garden herbs with the family. This kit is also an original gift for gardening beginners.

Seeds to sow:

  • 850 seeds of ABSINTHE
  • 100 seeds of DILL
  • 65 seeds of BIG GREEN BASIL
  • 55 seeds of DWARF GREEN BASIL
  • 50 seeds of RED OPAL BASIL
  • 35 seeds of GROWN CORIANDER
  • 460 SPEARMINT seeds
  • 175 seeds of PERENNIAL SAVORY
  • 215 seeds of THYM
  • 55 seeds of CHIVES MEDIUM
  • 200 seeds of GIANT ITALIAN PARSLEY



This kit is perfect for all gardening enthusiasts, beginners or not. With this book of advice, do not miss your seeds. This booklet will explain how to successfully plant and transplant.

For each aromatic herb, you have its description, its photo, the sowing period and the harvest period. You can't go wrong with all this good advice.



The design and assembly of this kit was done in the Radis et Capucine workshops in Angers.

The Radis et Capucine family business creates DIY boxes to discover nature and make your own vegetable garden. Simple and fun kits for adults and children.


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