Les petits radis

Les Petits Radis is a young company from Hauts de France founded by two entrepreneurs. They offer fun activities for children concerning nature and the environment. The goal is to educate from an early age on the values ​​of the Earth.

In addition to this, they are members of the 1% for the planet network and they contribute to the integration into work of people with disabilities. The kits are packaged by the "ESAT des Papillons Blancs".

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Les petits radis is a company from the North of France whose primary motivation is to offer families fun activities around nature and the environment. Their belief: it is by showing our children how vegetables grow that they will develop a taste for eating them. These are the first steps towards healthy eating.

They offer different activities to learn to cultivate, observe nature, DIY... All this in a responsible approach to have a positive impact on the planet.