Mini Greenhouse Wild Strawberries
  • Mini Greenhouse Wild Strawberries
  • Mini Greenhouse Wild Strawberries
  • Mini Greenhouse Wild Strawberries
  • Mini Greenhouse Wild Strawberries
  • Mini Greenhouse Wild Strawberries
  • Mini Greenhouse Wild Strawberries
  • Mini Greenhouse Wild Strawberries

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Mini Greenhouse Wild Strawberries

Brand : Radis et Capucine

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Sow your potted strawberry seeds at home with this mini greenhouse.

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This kit contains:

  • 1 pink pot (12 x 12cm) with bell (10cm)
  • 1 bag of soil
  • 1 sachet of Strawberry seeds
  • 1 instructions and cultivation method

Mini Wild Strawberry Greenhouse

Growing your strawberries at home is quite possible thanks to this mini greenhouse. The cloche pot concentrates the sun's rays and therefore promotes the germination and growth of your strawberry plant. This playful kit is perfect for beginner gardeners but will also be perfect for teaching your children gardening.


  • Unclip the bell but keep the cup at the bottom of the pot.
  • Place all the potting soil in the bottom of the pot and slowly pour in lukewarm water until all the soil is well hydrated (if necessary, take a spoon and stir the soil to check that it does not no dehydrated soil remains).
  • Set aside a tablespoon of potting soil and add the strawberry seeds to the pot over the entire surface of the soil, spacing the seeds well apart.
  • Then cover these seeds with the potting soil set aside.
  • Spray a thin layer of water. Do not use a watering can because the flow of water will be too strong and will displace the seeds.
  • Clip the bell on the top of the pot and place it in the sunlight behind a window
  • Monitor every 2 days that the surface of the earth is well moist. If this is not the case, moisten a little by spraying (it is better to water little but often than much and rarely).

The seeds should germinate in about a week. Keep the seedlings in the pot until they touch the top of the cloche. When they are big and strong enough, replant them each in a different pot and continue growing.

Sowing period:

You can sow your strawberry seeds any time of the year since you are growing your strawberries indoors.


The design and assembly of this kit was done in the Radis et Capucine workshops in Angers.

The Radis et Capucine family business creates DIY boxes to discover nature and make your own vegetable garden. Simple and fun kits for adults and children.

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