copy of Button Mushroom Culture Workshop
  • copy of Button Mushroom Culture Workshop
  • copy of Button Mushroom Culture Workshop
  • copy of Button Mushroom Culture Workshop
  • copy of Button Mushroom Culture Workshop
  • copy of Button Mushroom Culture Workshop

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  • Original and fun gift
  • ORGANIC ingredients
  • For young and old
  • French made
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copy of Button Mushroom Culture Workshop

Brand : Radis et Capucine

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Growing button mushrooms at home is possible with this kit.

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This kit contains:

  • 1 cardboard box 19.5x14x10cm with perforated cardboard lid
  • 1 sachet of straw fertilized with blond button mushroom mycelium
  • 1 sachet of substrate called casing soil

The Paris Mushroom Culture Workshop

Growing mushrooms at home has never been so easy thanks to this cultivation workshop! This kit to grow organic button mushrooms will delight young and old alike and you don't need to be an expert. This box offers you to grow button mushrooms directly at home in a version "blonds" that will delight your taste buds thanks to its firm flesh and its nutty taste.

The packaging of this kit will also be the support to grow your mushrooms. They grow from the mycelium (kind of seed) contained in the growing medium. You do not need to sow mycelium, it is already contained in the kit. Just turn it back on and grow it. It's an ideal activity to do with your children and it's a good way to make them taste and appreciate mushrooms.

Mushrooms are best grown between October and April, during the coldest time of the year.

What are the benefits of organic button mushrooms?

Like all edible mushrooms, they are naturally rich in fibre, vitamin B, minerals and protein. In addition, they are very low in calories and they have an exquisite flavor.


Mushroom cultivation:

  1. Place this kit in a cool room in the house (cellar, cellar, garage) at a temperature between 15 and 20°C.
  2. Open the box and mix the soil (top bag) with 1/4 liter of water. You can put the soil in a bowl to make it more convenient to mix.
  3. Place the straw in the box and scrape the top with a fork to aerate it.
  4. Place the soil on top evenly over the entire surface.
  5. Replace the lid by pushing the 4 brown pins into the corners of the lid so that it balances on the slightly raised base.
  6. Leave it like this for 7 days.
  7. Then spray once or twice a day. Watch that the soil does not dry out too much, but do not water too much so as not to rot the compost.
  8. After about ten days, tiny mushrooms begin to form.
  9. Stop spraying for 3-4 days. Then, when the mushrooms reach a size of 1cm, spray again 1 to 2 times a day.
  10. Maintain a humid atmosphere (if brown spots appear, which you have overwatered, then stop for 2 to 3 days).
  11. Mushrooms will continue to grow, keep vaping without overuse.
  12. Harvest the mushrooms between 3 and 6 cm in diameter by tearing off the stem so that no residue remains on the ground.
  13. Vaporize for 1 week then start again at step 5. A few days later, new mushrooms will appear.

With this kit, you can have between 2 to 3 harvests of mushrooms.



Pasteurized wheat straw 80%*, organic addition 16%*, peat 2%, mycelium 2%*.

* from organic farming.



The design and assembly of this kit was done in the Radis et Capucine workshops in Angers.

The Radis et Capucine family business creates DIY boxes to discover nature and make your own vegetable garden. Simple and fun kits for adults and children.

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