The small + product :

  • 4 eco-friendly beeswax food wraps
  • Reusable a hundred times = about 1 year of use
  • 2 to 3 days more food preservation
  • Made in France, in Marseille, in an ESAT that employs people with disabilities
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4 Bee Wrap

From : Another Way

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Reusable beeswax wrap


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Pack of 4 Bee Wraps



3 different sizes


Bee Wrap

The Bee Wrap is an ecological food wrap made from beeswax and organic cotton. It allows you to preserve your food in a sustainable and eco-responsible way. It replaces your disposable plastic film rolls!

The "Original" pack contains 4 bee wraps in 3 different sizes:

  • 1 Bee Wrap size L (35 x 34cm) - Palm pattern
  • 2 Bee Wraps size M (28 x 25cm) - Watermelon Pattern
  • 1 Bee Wrap size S (20 x 18cm) - Pineapple Pattern

The "Tropical" pack contains 4 bee wraps in 3 different sizes:

  • 1 Bee Wrap size L (35 x 34cm) - Palm pattern
  • 2 Bee Wraps size M (28 x 25cm) - Monstera pattern
  • 1 Bee Wrap size S (20 x 18cm) - Pink Flamingo pattern

With the Bee Wrap size S, protect your small fruits and vegetables such as raspberries, dried fruits, garlic,...

With size M, you can pack larger fruits such as apples or oranges, your children's snacks, you can also cover your bowls or salad bowls.

With size L, you can wrap salads, watermelon, zucchini,... or directly cover your bowls or salad bowls.


Composition of these Bee Wraps:

  • Cotton with 100% fibers from organic farming
  • French beeswax
  • AB certified sunflower oil
  • Ecocert-certified Landes pine resin


Advice for use:

  1. Crush your Bee Wrap until it becomes sticky
  2. Wrap your seasonal fruits and vegetables, your homemade sandwiches or cover your containers. You optimize the preservation of your food.
  3. Wash in cold or lukewarm water with dish soap or eco-friendly dishwashing liquid, let dry, fold and store.
  4. Reuse. A Bee Wrap can be used around a hundred times.


My contribution for the planet:

1 pack of Bee Wrap is equivalent to 4 rolls of wrapping film.

They are washable and reusable up to 100 times!

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