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Chlorella tablets (180 tablets)

From : Flamant Vert

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180 tablets of 500mg of chlorella.


0.110000 kg

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Average Nutritional Values ​​per 100g

Energetic value 399,1 Kcal / 1684 Kj
Fats 9,54 g
of which saturates fatty acids 2,79 g
of which monounsaturated fatty acids 0,89 g
of which polyunsaturated fatty acids 3,35 g
of which trans fatty acids <0,1 g
Carbohydrates 35,58 g
with sugar 3,37 g
Proteins 42,75 g
Salt 0,47 g
Vitamin E 31,3 mg
Vitamin B9 2307 µg
Magnesium 503 mg
Sodium 187 mg

Flamant Vert Chlorella is grown in France in a closed system which therefore protects it from external pollution.

Chlorella is a single-celled green freshwater algae. This algae is distinguished from other types of algae by its high concentration of chlorophyll.


Description :

This box contains 180 capsules of 500mg of Chlorella (for a consumption of 45 days at the rate of 4 tablets per day).

Net weight : 90g

Chlorella from Flamant Vert is subject to regular checks in order to maintain impeccable quality.


Composition :

100% Chlorella (chlorelle vulgaris).


Contributions of Chlorella :

It is made up of proteins, amino acids, minerals and essential fatty acids. It will be your detox ally.


Using advice :

Gradually take 2 to 6 tablets per day during meals with a little water or fruit juice.

Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not be used as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet.


Precautions for use :

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep out of the reach of children.


Conservation advice :

Store away from heat, light and humidity.

Store in its original packaging.


My contribution for the planet :

These tablets are packaged in an ECOCAN box, an opaque, airtight, light and recyclable packaging in the cardboard industry.

Data sheet

Biological origin
Food supplements

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