Welia - Diffuser by ultra-nebulization for essential oils
  • Welia - Diffuser by ultra-nebulization for essential oils
  • Welia - Diffuser by ultra-nebulization for essential oils
  • Welia - Diffuser by ultra-nebulization for essential oils
  • Welia - Diffuser by ultra-nebulization for essential oils
  • Welia - Diffuser by ultra-nebulization for essential oils
  • Welia - Diffuser by ultra-nebulization for essential oils
  • Welia - Diffuser by ultra-nebulization for essential oils

The small + product :

  • Light, simple and intuitive.
  • Perfect for nomads.
  • Zero cleaning.
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Welia - Diffuser by ultra-nebulization for essential oils

Brand : Innobiz

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Refillable nomadic diffuser for essential oils operating by nebulization to make the most of the properties of your essential oils.

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Technical characteristics

Distribution mode:


2 modes to choose from:

4h or 8h with automatic shutdown




130mm (H) x 90mm (W) x 90mm (D)

Maximum broadcast area:


Charging time:

2 hours


2.5W, 5V, 500mA


Lithium 1200mAh

Manufacturer's warranty:

5 years

Welia ultra-nebulization diffuser

Welia is a nomadic essential oil diffuser that will allow diffusion directly from the bottle. No more pouring the drops into your diffuser. It works on a rechargeable battery for several days. It will perfectly restore the therapeutic virtues of essential oils or your synergies. This diffuser has been designed to make life easier for aromatherapy users: no need to empty the water from your tank to change essential oils. You just have to replace your bottle. It works with 5, 10 and 15ml bottles.


What is ultra-nebulization?

A nebulizer is a mode similar to ultrasonic diffusion but without adding water. You are probably wondering how to do nebulization? It's very simple, nebulization is a pellet that will vibrate very quickly to spread micro droplets in the air. As a result, the essential oil particles will remain suspended in the air longer and you will therefore enjoy the benefits for longer. Your essential oils or synergies are therefore diffused into the air in a purer way for a reinforced action!


Mounting the Welia diffuser:

  1. Use ONLY 100% pure and natural essential oils
  2. Remove the diffuser cover
  3. Open your bottle of essential oils and remove the dropper using the tool provided, using the appropriate notch
  4. Insert a diffuser wick until you hear a "click" to make sure the wick is fully inserted
  5. Screw the bottle into the diffuser fully but without forcing
  6. Once the bottle is attached, replace the cover
  7. The device is ready for operation
  8. Using the USB cable, plug your diffuser into a USB socket or into a wall socket with the supplied adapter to recharge its batteries.


How the Welia diffuser works:

It's very simple, just insert your bottle of essential oils or synergy into the diffuser.

No need to empty the tank and clean it between two essential oils or synergies. It will diffuse directly from the bottle placed vertically and therefore remains perfectly clean.

It works with 5ml, 10 and 15ml bottles.

Left position:

5 diffusion jets every 15 minutes, the light area is blue and flashes when diffusing. Automatic shut-off after 8 hours.

Battery life: 24 cycles of 8 hours, 92 hours of diffusion for a 15ml bottle.

Right position:

3 diffusion jets every 5 minutes, the luminous area is green and flashes during diffusion. Automatic shutdown after 4 hours.

Center position:

The Welia diffuser switches off.

The lithium battery recharges in 2 hours when the diffuser is not in operation. A red light appears during charging and disappears when it is finished.


Diffuser maintenance:

Clean the metal disc on each surface of the diffuser using a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, rubbing gently. Attention, do not use detergent.

When the bottle is empty, you can reuse the wick directly in another bottle. As it is soaked in essential oil, the wick will contain traces of this oil but will fade as it diffuses. If you want, you can also get new wicks. You can also clean your diffusion wicks, they are reusable several times. Let the wick soak in alcohol, this will dilute the remaining essential oils. Let it dry, you can reuse it.


Precautions for use:

Do not activate the diffusion in the presence of children under 3 years old and pregnant women. In a child's room, we recommend that you do this without their presence and at least 30 minutes before their arrival.


Package content:

  • A Welia essential oil diffuser
  • 4 Diffusion Wick
  • Tool to remove the dropper
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • A user manual

Innobiz is a brand specializing in aromatherapy and offers us a wide range of essential oil diffusers.

Data sheet

Essential oil diffuser


Welia Diffuser Notice

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    Finally, a diffuser that diffuses essential oils directly without diluting them! Tested with three different bottles of essence, it's PERFECT. (Translated review)

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