Palmarosa Essential Oil Sheet
  • Palmarosa Essential Oil Sheet

Palmarosa Essential Oil Sheet

Brand : Essence Box

Information sheet of Palmarosa essential oil.

WARNING: The information in this sheet is purely informative and is suggested by our Naturopath; they do not constitute medical data, nor engage our responsibility. You will find most of this information in many books on aromatherapy, hydrolatherapy or herbal medicine. Likewise, we remind you that handling essential oils is not trivial, it remains concentrated and dangerous products when they are handled without protection and without knowledge.

For medical use, consult your doctor.

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Botanical name:

cymbopogon martinii
Part of the plant used:


Method of extraction:

Steam distillation of the leaves.

Palmarosa essential oil.


  • Broad-spectrum antibacterial: destroys bacteria on the face and underarms
  • Anti fungal: effective against fungi
  • Major spasmolytic: soothes spasms
  • Healing
  • Skin regenerator: prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  • Insecticide


Possible ways of use:

Essence box pictogram skin

Skin contact :

  • To be diluted at 20% in a vegetable oil but can be used pure on a small surface
  • Preferred route
Essence box pictogram ingestion

Ingestion :

  • To be diluted on a neutral support (honey, vegetable oil, neutral tablet)
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Diffusion :

  • Possible path

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Inhale :

  • Possible path


Precautions for use:

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use in pregnant women. Do not use in children under 6 years old.

Pregnant women, babies and children can use it ONLY on medical advice. Palmarosa HE is compatible with breastfeeding because the risk during pregnancy is to trigger contractions. Because of this, you no longer have this problem once you give birth.

For people with asthma and epilepsy, please ask your doctor for advice.

HE is allergenic, so it is best to test it before using it (1 to 2 drops in the bend of the elbow and wait 24 hours for there to be no reaction).


Tips for use:

Essence box pictogram skin

For my house:

  • When diffused, Palmarosa HE will have an antiseptic effect in the prevention of respiratory diseases
  • In diffusion, as an insect repellent
Essence box pictogram ingestion

For my beauty treatments:

  • Acts as a natural deodorant by regulating perspiration and removing bad odors
  • Fragrance your cosmetic preparations with its sweet and floral fragrance
  • Effective against oily hair and dandruff
  • Effective against wrinkles
Essence box diffusion pictogram

For my well-being:

  • In case of colds, sinusitis or rhinitis
  • In case of acne, fungal infections or eczema

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Data sheet

Data sheet
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