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Plants to Offer "Thank you Nanny" (to be colored)

From : Mauvaises Graines

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Offer an original gift with these seeds to sow.


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Centaurées, cosmos et bipinnatus (photo non contractuelles)


Knapweed, Cosmos and Bipinnatus

Flowering occurs 6 to 8 weeks later.

You can transplant your plants into a larger pot as well as put them in the ground for optimal development.

Plants to Give "Thanks Nounou"


Choose originality with these seeds to give away. In the form of a tin can, it contains a small disk of peat, just open and water to see beautiful little flowers germinate.

With its mixture of Centaury, Cosmos and Bipinnatus, this composition will brighten up an interior and can even be replanted in the garden to flourish.

Little extra: Your little one will be able to have fun coloring and personalizing the potty before giving it to their nanny.



Soil version:

  1. Empty all the potting soil. (do not pack)
  2. Crush the surface with a toothpick.
  3. Plant your seeds covering it slightly.
  4. Mist the first 4 days then once a week.

Peat version:

  1. Unpack your box.
  2. Place the peat disc in the bottom.
  3. Pour 20cl of water.
  4. Wait a good hour (the peat will grow 7 times its volume)
  5. Crush the surface with a toothpick.
  6. Plant your seeds lightly covering them.
  7. Mist the first 4 days then once a week.



  • The metal box comes from Périgord (France).
  • The kraft bags come from Nantes (France).
  • The labels come from the island of Oléron (France) and their paper is made in Poitiers (France).
  • Everything is assembled in ESAT in Charente-Maritime (France).

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