300ml refillable glass bottle
  • 300ml refillable glass bottle
  • 300ml refillable glass bottle
  • 300ml refillable glass bottle
  • 300ml refillable glass bottle

The small + product :

  • Zero waste goal
  • Infinitely reusable
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300ml refillable glass bottle

Brand : Pimpant

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300ml safety glass bottle for Juliette shower gels and hand wash.

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Features :




18cm (H) x 5.5cm (D)


Safety Glass

Refillable bottle 300ml

Thanks to this safety glass bottle, replenish your shower gel and your hand washing gel. This bottle is resistant and infinitely reusable. Glass is a durable material, so you can keep your JU bottle for years! In case of breakage, don't panic: thanks to its safety glass, glass debris is contained and therefore no risk of cutting yourself.

To make it easier to mix the water with the powder, you can make 250ml of washing gel in this 300ml bottle. Thus, there remains the space necessary to be able to homogenize the mixture.

Very practical to use thanks to its pump bottle, put a dose in the palm of your hand and go!

Use of the bottle:

This bottle allows you to dilute your shower gel and hand wash powders. Thanks to its graduation (the white bubble at the top of the bottle), fill to the right level for sure.

To prepare the shower gels and hand washing gel from Pimpant, it's very simple:

  • Add lukewarm water to the bottle until it bubbles white (225ml of water)
  • Pour in your entire powder refill.
  • Screw the cap tight and shake.
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes and your shower gel is ready to use.
  • Once your bottle is finished, clean it and start again.

Bottle Care:

We advise you to clean your bottle between each refill with hot water and using a bottle brush.

My contribution to the planet:

With this reusable bottle, you avoid buying disposable plastic bottles.

Its packaging is recyclable.


Since 2015, Amandine and Pierre have been fighting against pretrochemicals, palm oil and plastic consumption.

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