All of these elements are found in everyday consumer goods around us. That's why in 2018, they founded Pimpant and released their first product: ecological laundry detergent. As effective as that on the market and as ecological as homemade detergent. Very quickly they expand their products and bring out other products around laundry and then the home.

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Ox Gall Stain Remover Soap


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Wishing to change things and drawing on their respective experience, Amandine and Pierre founded Pimpant in 2018. Their mission: to tackle household products. Indeed, there is no shortage of subjects: petrochemicals, palm oil, plastic consumption, etc...

All of these elements are found in the everyday consumer goods that surround us.

Detergent, dishwashing liquid, linen care, contain less packaging, recipes that are more respectful of both the environment and health. By joining forces with Juliette, the two brands now cover a wide range of possibilities for working from concert in order to offer a greener and more natural home.