Behind Gaspajoe, there is Valérie, who in 2010 decided to set up a project to take care of the seas and oceans. This is how she launched her first stainless steel water bottle. The goal: to create a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bottles. Since then, her team has grown well and she offers us more and more everyday stainless steel objects in order to definitively say no to single-use plastic.

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Gaspajoe is the brand that Valérie launched in 2010. Even if today, it seems obvious to reduce plastic consumption, at the time, no one believed in it! The ocean is her refuge and taking care of the blue wave, the sea, the ocean is what she has always wanted...

In 2008, she joined the Bloom association, which campaigns for the conservation of marine biodiversity. She then fell in love with the abyss, these fascinating deep seas threatened by overfishing and plastic pollution. It was then that she decided to tackle the heart of the problem. In 2010, she created her first stainless steel water bottle. For her, it's obvious: we must put an end to disposable plastic bottles. These objects must be durable and must pass the years without degrading or breaking.

Today, Gaspajoe offers us water bottles but also stainless steel straws, lunch boxes and insulated mugs.