"Nature Challenges" game cards - Bioviva
  • "Nature Challenges" game cards - Bioviva
  • "Nature Challenges" game cards - Bioviva
  • "Nature Challenges" game cards - Bioviva
  • "Nature Challenges" game cards - Bioviva

The small + product :

  • Eco-designed games
  • Take it everywhere
  • From 7 years old
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"Nature Challenges" game cards - Bioviva

Brand : Bioviva

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Compete against your friends thanks to the "Nature challenges" games. Starting from 7 years old.

Several themes available: dogs, sea animals, funny animals, fearsome animals and the kings of camouflage.

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Nature Challenges - Bioviva

Ready to take on challenges with dogs, sea animals, funny animals or fearsome animals? So compete with your friends or family with Bioviva's nature challenges and set off to discover the living world.

These games are eco-designed and manufactured in France. Learning while having fun, that's the concept of the Bioviva games and they aim to raise awareness of respect for the planet. In addition, thanks to their small size, these games can be taken everywhere: in the car, on the train, on vacation and even in the playground.

How do we play it?

  • From 2 to 6 players
  • From 7 years old
  • Duration of a game: approximately 20 minutes
  • A box contains 37 illustrated cards and 1 set of rules

The object of the game: collect all the cards in the game.

All players have their cards in front of them, face down. Whoever starts the round looks at the 1st card in his pile and chooses the characteristic of his animal that he considers to be the strongest (eg size, weight, longevity, etc.). The other players also look at their 1st card and state the value of this same characteristic. Whoever has the highest value wins the round.

Small bonus: each box contains a shiny collector card which leads to a specific action on the round and which reveals a natural phenomenon (rainbow, tornado, etc.). A total of 18 collector cards are to be collected.

What children think of the Nature Challenges:

Who better than the little players of nature challenges to tell us about what they like about these games!

My contribution for the planet:

Playing the "Nature Challenges" is an eco-responsible choice because:

  • the cards are printed using vegetable-based inks.
  • the paper and cardboard used in this game are FSC certified.
  • the box is closed with a sticker to avoid the use of plastic packaging.

A French brand of eco-designed games.

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