Sheet Eucalyptus Radiata (or Radiata) essential oil
  • Sheet Eucalyptus Radiata (or Radiata) essential oil

Sheet Eucalyptus Radiata (or Radiata) essential oil

Brand : Essence Box

Information sheet of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil.

WARNING: The information in this sheet is purely informative and is suggested by our Naturopath; they do not constitute medical data, nor engage our responsibility. You will find most of this information in many books on aromatherapy, hydrolatherapy or herbal medicine. Likewise, we remind you that handling essential oils is not trivial, it remains concentrated and dangerous products when they are handled without protection and without knowledge.

For medical use, consult your doctor.

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Botanical name:

eucalyptus radiata
Part of the plant used:

Leaves and branches

Method of extraction:

Full steam distillation

Organic Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil.

Do you have a cold? Wondering how to unclog your nose naturally? Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is perfect! A few drops on a tissue or on an inhaler stick to inhale 4 to 5 times a day to relieve until improvement.


  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Airborne antiseptic
  • Decongestant
  • Mucolytic
  • Expectorant
  • Immuno stimulating: stimulates the immune defences
  • Anti-inflammatory


Possible ways of use:

Essence box pictogram skin

Skin contact :

  • To be diluted at 20% in vegetable oil
Essence box pictogram ingestion

Ingestion :

  • To be diluted at 20% on a neutral support (honey, vegetable oil, neutral tablet)
Essence box pictogram diffusion

Diffusion :

  • Possible route for pregnant women and babies in 30% dilution with other essential oils

Essence box inhalation pictogram

Inhale :

  • Possible path


Precautions for use:

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use in pregnant women under 3 months. Do not use in babies under 3 months. For people with asthma and epilepsy, ask your doctor for advice.

This EO contains few allergenic components.

EO is irritating to the skin, so it must be diluted to 20% in vegetable oil for any skin application.

The oral route should only be used from the age of 6.


Tips for use:

Essence box diffusion pictogram

For my well-being:

  • Against sore throat
  • Against the common cold
  • Fever
  • Against otitis, sinusitis and bronchitis
  • Against stuffy nose
  • Against wet cough
Essence Box

Essential oils, vegetable oils and clays.


Data sheet

Data sheet
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