Lilou - essential oil diffuser
  • Lilou - essential oil diffuser
  • Lilou - essential oil diffuser
  • Lilou - essential oil diffuser
  • Lilou - essential oil diffuser
  • Lilou - essential oil diffuser
  • Lilou - essential oil diffuser
  • Lilou - essential oil diffuser
  • Lilou - essential oil diffuser

The small + product :

  • Lighting and diffusion functions
  • Cold diffusion that respects essential oils
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Lilou - essential oil diffuser

Brand : Zen Arôme

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Lilou is a very cute diffuser.

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Technical specifications

Distribution method:

ultrasonic misting




8cm x 14cm

Water tank capacity:


Diffusion surface:


Lilou Ultrasonic Diffuser

This "Lilou" diffuser is an ultrasonic diffuser with an original and cute design. It diffuses essential oils cold in order to perfectly restore their therapeutic virtues. It is also very economical in essential oils and electricity. This diffuser will find its place in small rooms with a diffusion surface of 15m².

What is the perfect dose of essential oils for a perfect and effective diffusion? For an effective diffusion, about ten drops will allow you to obtain a perfect diffusion!

The maximum diffusion time of this diffuser is 4 hours but if the tank is empty, do not worry, the diffuser will stop automatically.


Mounting the Lilou diffuser:

  1. The device should always be placed on a hard, horizontal and flat surface
  2. Turn the upper part slightly to open the diffuser cover
  3. Fill the tank with 200ml of demineralized water (be careful not to exceed the maximum line). The water temperature should be between 5°C and 30°C.
  4. Add 2 to 3 drops of your essential oil or synergy in the water (given the small size of the tank, do not put more than 3 drops)
  5. Replace the lid and turn slightly to lock it
  6. Plug in the connector with dry hands and press the button to turn on the diffuser.

A foam rod is present inside the diffuser in order to best diffuse at the level of the membrane. You can change rods each time you change essential oils. Its replacement is very easy. Just pull it lightly to remove it.

Think about refills !


Functions of the Lilou diffuser:

  • Lighting function with automatic shutdown after 1 hour
  • Diffusion function with automatic shutdown after 4 hours

These two functions are independent of each other. You can choose to diffuse your essential oils without lighting and conversely to keep the lighting without diffusion. You can also choose to light with a fixed color or to vary the colors:

  • Press the ON/OFF button once to start diffusion and lighting
  • Press a 2nd time to stop broadcasting and keep lighting
  • Press a 3rd time to resume broadcasting
  • Hold down the button for 3 seconds to fix the light on the current color
  • Hold the button again for 3 seconds to turn off the light while keeping the diffusion.


Diffuser maintenance:

  • Make sure your diffuser is turned off
  • Unplug the connector cover
  • Remove the lid and empty the water from the tank
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the inside of the tank and the membrane. Be careful not to press too hard on the membrane.

It is advisable to clean the tank every 2 days and change the water regularly (do not leave more than 2 days). The stainless steel membrane located above the diffuser must be cleaned every day. Make sure it is always clean and dry to ensure proper operation.


Package content:

  • A Lilou essential oil diffuser
  • A replacement foam rod
  • A user guide
  • A USB cable (mains adapter not included)

Data sheet

Essential oil diffuser
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