10 small blank labels
  • 10 small blank labels
  • 10 small blank labels
  • 10 small blank labels

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10 small blank labels

Brand : Essence Box

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These labels are perfect for your 10ml bottles

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Pack of 10 small labels


These labels are printed directly by us. They allow you to easily identify your homemade preparations.

You can indicate the name of your recipe or container as well as the date of production.


These labels are made of white adhesive PP (Polypropylene). They are resistant to water and humidity.


Label length: 6.4cm

Label width: 3.1cm


These labels are ideal for labeling our empty 10ml bottles. They are the right size for these bottles.

But you can also label whatever you want:

  • Bulk products in your kitchen
  • Your household products
  • Your decorative storage
  • And much more...
Essence Box

Essential oils, vegetable oils and clays.

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