We could not just offer you healthy and eco-responsible products, our offer had to go further and that goes through the way in which we offer our services to you.

A website sensitive to its environment

To offer a website, you need servers. A server is neither more nor less than a computer to which one connects to access a website. You can imagine that in an increasingly connected world, there are many, many, many websites and therefore many, many, many computers. Always on, it consumes a lot of energy and gives off a lot of heat.

To host Essence Box, we chose Infomaniak, a Swiss host on a human scale, concerned about its environment. First of all, Infomaniak makes full use of eco-responsible energy. 40% of this energy comes from green or renewable energy and 60% from hydraulic energy.

We could tell you about it for hours but they do it much better than us ! If you want to know more, we invite you to consult their page with their 20 ecological commitments: HERE

Transport with ever more limited impact

To deliver our boxes directly to your little hands, we have decided to trust Chronospost. In addition to offering fast delivery with incomparable quality (from our experience in any case), Chronopost is also committed to the environment and this is not without displeasing us. Indeed, the DPD group delivers 7.5 million packages per day (balèze!) Including 1.9 billion carbon neutral packages delivered in 2020 (not bad!). Present in 17 cities in 2020, in 2022 they plan to deliver to 67 cities by low-emission vehicles (pretty cool!).

But that's not all ! For more than twenty years Chronopost has been involved in actions aimed at limiting the carbon impact of their activity on the environment.

Since 2008, Chronopost has been a signatory of the Objectif CO2 charter. This voluntary commitment shows the company's commitment to an eco-responsible approach. Indeed, it tends to transport increasingly zero carbon packages. In 2020, they were even rewarded for the most innovative action for its low-emission deliveries to the capital and its establishment of Chrono City (A super cool concept of a delivery point by bicycle, on foot or by electric vehicle with a reception and changing rooms to try on your clothing packages and return them to the network directly)

In 2020, Chronopost obtains a score of 69/100 in the ACESIA assessment. ACESIA is an Afnor certification that assesses companies on their social and environmental practices and commitments. In comparison, the average rating of companies (all sectors combined) is 38.7 / 100. Chronopost also voluntarily submits to an Écovadis assessment where it obtains a score of 70/100 and wins the gold medal for the fourth time in a row! This places Chronopost among the 10% of the best rated companies in this sector of activity.

The icing on the cake, 100% of their operational sites (excluding overseas departments) are ISO 14001 certified, which attests to their environmental responsibility in site management and their commitment to controlling their impact on the environment.

Well that's cool, they won a lot of stuff but after? What's next? It's very simple, they are continuing their efforts. They mainly work on 3 axes:

  • The reduction of their transport-related emissions (always more eco-responsible vehicles)
  • Reducing their consumption (energy but also less waste)
  • The recovery of waste generated by their sites.

In short, each year, they draw up an inventory of their impacts and plan the changes to be made.