Fête des grands mères 2024

March 3, 2024 is Grandma's Day! So take a look at our special selection to please your grandmother 💚.

Fête des grands mères 2024

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Mix Caramel and flower of salt

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March 3 is Grandmother's Day

This Sunday March 3 will be an opportunity to celebrate our beloved grandmothers. Take the opportunity to show them your love and spend an exceptional day with your family. It's a day where we take the time to show them how much they mean to us. For this very special celebration, we have made a selection of products to pamper your grandmother.

Some gift ideas for Grandmother's Day

In this category, you will find various gift ideas. Whether your grandmother is a fan of teas and infusions, whether she likes treats or whether she is flirtatious, you will find lots of beautiful things to offer her.

Grandmother’s Day: an exceptional day

Beyond material gifts, take advantage of this day to spend time with your grandmothers and pay tribute to them for everything they have done and everything they continue to do for us. This love deserves, of course, to be celebrated every day of the year, but Grandmother's Day is a great opportunity to do so.