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Calendar to plant 2024
  • Calendar to plant 2024
  • Calendar to plant 2024
  • Calendar to plant 2024

The small + product :

  • Each month: a leaf to plant
  • Flowers, fruits or vegetables all year round
  • original gift
  • Zero waste goal
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Calendar to plant 2024

Brand : Growing Paper

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Calendar to plant month by month in A6 format. 4 models to choose from: the "yoga" calendar which gives you yoga postures, the "nature" calendar which gives you a quote from women each month, the "My lovely thing" calendar with pretty love illustrations and the "season", discover pretty illustrations according to the seasons.

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This plantable calendar contains:

  • 13 seeded pages
  • 13 different seeds
  • 1 rigid recycled back
  • 1 planting advice sheet
  • 1 linen twine made in France

Calendar to plant 2024

Change up the classic cardboard calendar with cute cats or landscapes with our plantable calendars! Month by month, plant different seeds.

This calendar is made from seeded paper and printed with vegetable-based inks. It contains no plastic and is made in France. All seeds in this calendar are reproducible, untreated and guaranteed non-GMO.

Choose between our 4 calendar models:

  • The "Nature" calendar with drawings of leaves and also quotes from women.
  • The “Yoga” calendar with yoga postures to perform each month.
  • The "Season" calendar with pretty illustrations each month according to the seasons.
  • The “My Lovely Thing” calendar with pretty love illustrations.

Seeds month by month:

  • Cover page: pepper seeds (yolo wonder variety)
  • January: pepper seeds (Cayenne)
  • February: tomato seeds (Moneymaker or Roma varieties)
  • March: red cherry tomato seeds
  • April: herb seeds (basil, parsley, chives, thyme and dill)
  • May: carrot seeds (Nantes variety 2)
  • June: salad seeds (lettuce, oakleaf and romaine)
  • July: field flower seeds (snapdragons, godetias, gypsophila, ficoides, chrysanthemums, petunias, sweet alyssum, agerates)
  • August: Phacelia seeds
  • September: lemon balm seeds
  • October: strawberry seeds (wild strawberries "Baron Solemacher")
  • November: mint seeds
  • December: poppy seeds

How to plant your calendar?

  • Once the month has passed, tear off the sheet and lay it flat on the ground.
  • Moisten the paper and cover it with 5mm of soil.
  • Water daily to keep the set moist.

Depending on the variety, the seeds germinate after one to four weeks. The seeds are to be planted indoors or outdoors depending on the season.

The planting sheet provided with the calendar gives you the explanations by seed to sow.

My contribution for the planet:

No more calendars tossed in the trash with this plantable calendar. In addition, the calendars are made in France with ecological paper and vegetable inks. The company works in partnership with a local ESAT and supports a social project in South Africa.

A French company that manufactures seeded paper by hand.

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    Good product, original with the monthly yoga break (Translated review)

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    Very pretty calendar, not yet used for planting. (Translated review)

  • 5

    Beautiful calendar with lovely drawings. We'll just have to wait for it to grow! (Translated review)

  • 5

    Very pretty packaging (Translated review)

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